I may have mentioned before, but accordion player and klezmer maniac Geoff Berner’s mailing list is the best for any musician, period. No question. His missives are eccentric and filled with his unusual humour, much like his music.

His latest update features some talk of a European tour and a cover he recorded recently:

The beautiful underground bar Feinkost Lampe in Hannover was sold out again, for the 3rd time in a row. Pahli and Arne suggested that I might wanna play somewhere bigger next time. Nahhh. If I ever get famous, I’m just gonna play there 10 nights in a row. While I was there, I participated in this thing called the Pink Carpet Sessions, and recorded a version of Dave Lang’s classic anthem, “How Come You’re So F—– And Nothing Seems to Be Wrong”. I’ve written many timess to the Ministry of Canadian Song in Ottawa, putting this number forward as a possible new Canadian National Anthem.

For your convenience, I’ve gone ahead and posted the video above. It’s a highlight of Berner’s live repertoire and a good song to boot.