A Crabby Blog Post About Beer

Just went to the downtown Liquor board store to pick up some beer for a thing. I wanted to buy some Paddock Wood beer from the Paddock Wood Brewing Co. I wanted to buy Paddock Wood beers for two reasons: 1.) it’s good effing beer. 2.) It’s Saskatchewan-brewed beer 3.) Paddock Wood is the only beer company advertising in our paper, despite the fact that our readership is 100 per cent beer-obsessed, so when it comes to buying beer, I’m going to support the only brewer that respects my readers and wants their business. Not that I’m bitter.

So naturally the downtown Liquor Board store doesn’t carry Paddock Wood. Which as I mentioned is a Saskatchewan-microbrewed beer that’s really good. And this is ridiculous. Downtown revitalization without Sask. microbrews is a joke. But whatever I guess, this is Saskatchewan, where Things Make No Goddamn Sense (TM). At least the staff were super friendly.

(Hey remember that time prairie dog got kicked out of all the Liquor Board stores after the Sask. Party got elected but it was just a coincidence? Yeah.)

So anyway, I bought imported Quebec beer instead. I’m sure it will be great. As for Paddock Wood, I’ll just have to pick up a case another day. Did I mention Paddock Wood makes great beer?

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

13 thoughts on “A Crabby Blog Post About Beer”

  1. Paddockwood is awesome and I commend them for advertising in your fine publication.

    The distribution of products to various liquor stores is frustrating. To get my favorite Irish whisky, I have to go to the Normanview store, and to get some of Half Pint Brewery’s fine ale, I have to drive to the south end. To pick up the Prairie Dog, I have to go somwhere else.

  2. Downtown revitalization without any places to hang out after the mall closes is the real joke.

  3. Re: your parenthetical:
    And you know, when they build that downtown stadium, they’re totally going to welcome ‘dog distribution with open arms….

  4. Former Vagian in Saskatoon and I’m going to take the advantage of the marginal warm up tomorrow to bus it over to Sutherland.

    The winter ale sounds good or the Black Frairs.

  5. You might be the only person who has ever shopped at the Broad and 12th liquor store for the taste, and not the effect.

  6. I worked Downtown Patrol last summer, and in my experience nobody at that liquor store bought anything but 2L coolers. But, you are right, the staff is really nice.

  7. Well, nobody is GOING to shop for fancy product when everyone knows they don’t CARRY fancy product.

    The Quebec beer was good! I forget what it was called. I had lots of it.

  8. I am guessing that the Quebec beer was something from Unibroue, such as La Fin Du Monde, La Maudite, or that “sampler” that has Blanche de Chambly, Noir de Chambly, and Blonde de Chambly in it. A long time ago that brewery had a unique brew with cherries in it called Quelque Chose, which had instructions on its label explaining that it was best served at 70 C. Tried it at “storage temperature”, room temperature, and at the recommended temperature…. and they were right, it was best heated…. like some sort of dark cherry cider. One hilarious slogan they had: “Quelque Chose: It’s Something.”

  9. SLGA head office has told me that a manager is expected to bring at least a case of Paddock Wood beer in IF requested. Speak to the manager, and then head office.

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