A Children’s Treasury of Gif Reactions To How The City Of Regina Will Pay For Its New Stadium

So the CBC put together a neat little infographic on how the city plans to cover the costs of the new stadium – which, including operating costs, will now come to a total of $675 million over 30 years.

I had some feelings (or “feels,” as the kids on Tumblr call them these days) about seeing this story, and decided to use gifs to tell my story. (Gifs are animated images that – well, you’ll get the idea.) That story is below the jump.

First, the infographic!

To which I was like, in roughly this order:


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8 thoughts on “A Children’s Treasury of Gif Reactions To How The City Of Regina Will Pay For Its New Stadium”

  1. Pls go to the CBC info link, and read my mathematical assessment. Fuck I’m not typing it all over again this morning .
    Thanks John Cameron, If I just typed JC, that might be confusung to some.

  2. Ron – He means copy and past your cbc comment rather than retyping it. Was it this one?
    $100 million into Taylor is an better investment.
    Just for fun, let’s say the rebuild lasts 20 more years.Making the,improved West side 50 years old and the new East side and both end zones 20 years old.

    a) 100/20=5 million a year.

    b) 25% SK RR input = 25 million/ 20 years = 1.25 million a year.

    c) The Chart , anticipates $ .5 million a year in advertisement revenue.

    .5 x 20= 10 million

    d) Sask sport agreement, (This is new), 2.5 X 20 = 50 million.

    e) Facility fee $12.

    Based on a 18 game season,( ya never know how long Ottawa will last ).

    20 X 9 Saskatchewn Roughrider home games.= 180

    180 X 31,000 bums in the seats, ( random avg # ),= 5,5,800,000 fans

    5.58 million x $12 = $ 66,960,000

    F) = more fun with math.

    $ 100,000,000 – 66,960,000 = 33, 040,000

    $33,040,000- 10,000,000 = 23,040,000

    $23,040,000- 25,000,000 = + 1,960,000

    $ 1,960,000 + 50,000,000 = $ 51,960,000 – 400,000/ year Maintennance X 20 = 8,000,000

    51,960,000 – 8,000,000 = $ 43,960,000 in the black, without any tax increase that turns into a $2,000,000 + revenue for the CoR over the 20 years.

    All of the current council should be voted off the island.

  3. I can’t completely trust CBC’s chart and their numbers. Refer to this Coffeetalk to what I mean.


    Then again, this is all projected numbers aka estimates, right? Could be more or less.

    The corporate sponsorship way too low. It should be triple or more beyond the $15 million.

    Nothing is mentioned about the $ amount for the corporate naming rights for this upcoming facility?

    I agree it’s all a numbers game from those who support this new stadium to those who don’t want it.

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