For a years now, Harvest King Records has been holding a big concert in May, using both the Exchange and the Club sides of the SCES. This year’s no different — you can go over to the Facebook event, which went up yesterday, to look at the lineup for yourself and see all the bands that’ll be taking both of the stages.

Now, even if you’re just giving it a cursory glance, one name in Regina music history should jump out at you. Ghosts of Modern Man are slated to headline.

To someone like myself on the outside, it’s a bit of a shocker. The venerated Regina band broke up in 2009, following a period of intermittent activity. Their last album before that was the 2005 Smallman Records release, City of No Light. How long ago is all that? So long that Smallman hasn’t even been a label for a couple of years.

I’ve asked for more information from the band; I’ll post any response I get here on the Dog Blog.