Election 2015: Joe Clark Of 1979 Vs Stephen Harper Of 2015

cdnelxncircleI was procrastinating last night by watching clips from old election debates. I was struck by three things: how much better suits were in 1961, how much better debates were 30 plus years ago, and by how utterly reasonable conservatives sounded in the pre-CPC days.

Take this clip from Joe Clark’s opening statement in the 1979 leaders debate. Swap out the name “Trudeau” and it sounds like a rebuke of Stephen Harper’s record.

It’s really too bad Joe got kicked to the curb back in 2003 when the Reform-cum-Alliance consumed the Progressive Conservatives. I could’ve voted for a guy like Joe Clark.

Author: Paul Dechene

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2 thoughts on “Election 2015: Joe Clark Of 1979 Vs Stephen Harper Of 2015”

  1. How about…2015 Harper vs 2000 Bush/Cheney. All the “subtle” little changes Harper made to Elections since 2006 are bound to interfere tomorrow. Already have in advance polls. We’re all just sleeping thru it…

  2. At my little rural polling station we had a queue of people waiting for friends to vouch for them as they didn’t have ID with a land location. Others were openly bitching about what’s the point, let the town people pick who’s elected. Don’t rural folks usually vote conservative? Someone at CPC HQ is going to be pissed…

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