You know a band is making a statement when they drop a self-titled album mid-career. Seattle rock curmudgeons Police Teeth recently released their fourth album, Police Teeth, and it’s hard not to see it as a kind of reboot. Only instead of a grittier storyline and appearances from Emma Stone, the LP offers a sparser, more live-off-the-floor sound. The tactic seems to have worked: they’ve seen a lot of action in the past year, from a lengthy tour to favourable Stranger review to a recent Radio K in-studio set.

Sure, perhaps they used to have a little, and now they have a lot, but no matter where they go, they know where they came from. Case in point: a little notice they just mailed out to previous Bandcamp customers.

This past Saturday, December 1st, marked the sixth anniversary of our first show. As a sign of appreciation, we’ve made our third album, “Awesomer Than The Devil”, available to download for free from our Bandcamp for a limited time. You can also still download our first two records for free from Bandcamp as well.

Feel free to hit up their Bandcamp page and take them up on their offer. There’s always the new self-titled as well, which contains certified Jams like “Bellingham Media Blackout” and “Emmanuelle in Renton,” the video for which is hanging out below here.

(Full disclosure: Police Teeth are pals of prairie dog, in a sense, in that writer John Cameron and I have known them for a few years now. I think we even get an oblique shout-out on this LP’s “Chicago One Point Five”, which recounts the tiny ad-hoc Chicago music festival where we all met. They do love Canadians.)