Four in the Afternoon

1. The BC government has called the picket lines set up by teachers outside of government offices illegal.

2. First he says that Israel doesn’t have a more dependable friend than the US, and then President Obama takes a couple of steps back, hands in the air, promising a sober approach.

3. It’s Super Tuesday! And like angry bees, the attack ads are swarming. This takeover by super PACs are really raising the bar high in American politics.

4. Finally! Both Rush and Mary Walsh are among six laureates for this years Governor General’s Performing Arts Award for lifetime achievement.

3 thoughts on “Four in the Afternoon”

  1. Personally I’m waiting for the HBO mini-series recap of Super Tuesday 2012–the highs, the lows, the upsets, the betrayals… Starring Kevin Spacey as Ari Fleischer, Oprah Winfrey as Donna Brazille, an the inside look at how Rick Santorum captivated a small city in the Northern U.S. and pulled off North Dakato when all the odds were lined up against him… Coming April 2013.

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