On the podcast, we’ve talked about the whole DC Comics messing around with all their comics and characters and starting everything back at issue one, and I have to say I’m more than a little skeptical about the whole enterprise. Meanwhile, over at Aaron Diaz’s art blog (Diaz being the artist and author of the excellent webcomic Dresden Codak — which I really don’t read often enough), he’s come up with his own versions of all the main DC characters. And not just new costumes, but whole new origin stories and character concepts. It’s a real reboot, not this half-assed rejig that DC did.

Personally, I’d be much more interested in cracking a superhero comic again if this Diaz kid was in charge of everything.

(And check out that Superman costume. No underpants on the outside but I like it. Eh? Eh? Steve?)

Diaz’s last post in the series is where DC comics reboots Dresden Codak. DC has (rightly) been taking a lot of heat for rebooting their female characters as hypersexual, nerd-boy fantasy chicks. (Here is an essential read on the subject. Here too.) Diaz nicely skewers them for it.