Another awesome thriller that comes from the legendary Hammer Films. This 1963 movie was directed by Freddie Francis and featured his usual amazing cinematography.

Oliver Reed is a wealthy young psychotic who is trying to drive his sister (Janette Scott) insane so he can inherit his family’s estate. He’s a vicious drunk and is coddled by his equally disturbed aunt (Sheila Burrel). When Reed and his sister were children their parents died in a tragic “accident”. Then their brother Tony disappeared, apparently committing suicide. Eight years later – a man claiming be Tony appears much to Reed’s disgust and mistrust. The movie has lots of plot twists and chills – to reveal anymore would take away the fun of watching the movie.

Shot in stunning black and white photography, this was of Freddie Francis early directorial efforts. He directed a few horror movies in the 60’s and 70’s but was better known for his award winning cinematography in such movies as The Elephant Man, Glory and The Straight Story.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a trailer available online for the movie. There is one out there – it’s included on the recent British Blu-Ray release but this clip will have to suffice for now.