October is upon us and it’s that time of year where I spend the next month writing about awesome horror movies.

First up is a 1964 Hammer horror movie Nightmare aka Here’s the Knife, Dear: Now Use It.

Jennie Linden is a young woman who is suffering from terrible nightmares. As a child she witnessed her mother murdering her father and it naturally messed her up. Her school expels her because of the nightmares and they send her back home to the tender care of Linden’s legal guardian David Knight, a lawyer, who brings in a nurse to keep an eye on Linden. Linden’s nightmares get even worse once she gets home but maybe, just maybe someone wants her to drive her crazy.

Directed with style by Freddie Francis, an award winning cinematographer who directed several of Hammer Films horrors in the ’60s. The stark black and white photography was shot in Hammerscope and it creates a sense of isolation and tension. This movie wasn’t as popular or as well known as Hammer Films’ Dracula and Frankenstein franchises but it’s a quiet and intense thriller that should not be missed.