31 Days Of Music: “Slow Burn”

“Slow Burn” by the Henry Clay People.

The Henry Clay People‘s newest album, Somewhere on the Golden Coast, came to my attention when a reviewer compared the band to Bruce Springsteen. This was in those wild days where The Promise, an album collecting unreleased tracks from the sessions for the Boss’ best album, seemed like a distant dream.

There’s a bit of that happening on the L.A. band’s sophomore release. They take the Heartland rock drive of Springsteen and dash it on shouty indie-rock. The result is a song like “Slow Burn”, using the best of hard-working rock ‘n’ roll.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

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  1. Or, another way to look at Bruce Springsteen meets indie rock is Man meets Children; maturity meets vice; substance meets triviality; Boomer pride meets Gen Y ignorance.

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