31 Days of Music: “Old Fangs”

Vancouver’s Black Mountain went to L.A. to record their 2010 release Wilderness Heart. The album follows through on the promise of 2008’s In The Future, most notably in the increased presence of Amber Webber, whose rich vocals add new dimension to Black Mountain’s refried stoner rock.

“Old Fangs” is everything you hope a Black Mountain song would be. It’s got menace, swagger & mysticism. Jeremy Schmidt really shines on keys. And the video is totally badass. If you’ve ever laid awake at night wondering what it would sound like if Neil Young fronted Black Sabbath, well, here goes.

mp3: “Old Fangs” by Black Mountain

Author: Emmet Matheson

Saskatchewan Diaspora

One thought on “31 Days of Music: “Old Fangs””

  1. Old Fangs is solid, the video is alright, but I’m a bit disappointed overall with Wilderness Heart. In The Future was epic… Wilderness Heart seems like a retreat.

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