Iceland’s Lay Low, aka Lovísa Elísabet Sigrúnardóttir, released her album Farewell Good Night’s Sleep in Canada this year, though it’s been out internationally since 2009. I reviewed the album for prairie dog back in March, and continue to listen to it a lot.

“Little By Little” is a fine example of the precious heartache that Lay Low excels at, and the pastoral video, with its ruddy-faced children standing eerily still in a barn as Sigrúnardóttir plays is just about too sweet for words.
Lay Low doesn’t seem to have released a legal mp3 of this song, so you’ll just have to buy the whole album (which is available in many fine places). You may also be interested in her 2007 album Okutimar, which features songs (in Icelandic) that Lay Low wrote for a play of the same name, as well as eight choice Dolly Parton covers.