31 Days Of Monstrous Horror: [Rec]

A television reporter and her camera crew are doing a TV show where they follow different night shift workers. Tonight’s show happens to be about a group of firefighters. An emergency call brings the firefighters and the camera crew to an apartment building where an old woman is trapped in her apartment.

When the crew free her by kicking in the door, the woman freaks out and bites a police officer. Meanwhile outside the building, the police and the military have sealed the building trapping everyone inside. They claim that there is a contamination inside and its infecting people through the blood. And then things get ugly.

This Spanish horror movie takes the first person camera gimmick and uses it in a zombie movie extremely effectively. [Rec] (2007) was a surprise hit when it came out and of all the shaky cam horror movies, it’s one of the best.

This movie gave me several heart attacks as well as it’s more recent sequel. Naturally Hollywood made a scene for scene remake when the original is perfect.

Author: Shane Hnetka

Shane Hnetka spends most of his life watching movies and reading comic books, using his vast knowledge of genre culture for evil instead of good.

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  1. I am so sick of verite style found footage films. Will it never end? But I’ve heard many good things about this one I might try only this one more time. After that I swear off the found footage films for good or ill.

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