31-days-of-hammerFrankenstein and the Monster from Hell is the last of the Hammer Frankenstein films. Dr. Simon Helder (Shane Briant) is caught performing experiments on the dead and sentenced to an insane asylum. Helder is excited because his hero Dr. Frankenstein is being held there. When Helder arrives he’s told the Frankenstein died some time ago. Then he meets Dr. Victor aka Dr. Frankenstein who faked his death and is now running the asylum and, of course, continuing his experiments.

Frankenstein and the Monster from HellFrankenstein, who crippled his hands a few movies ago, can’t perform the delicate surgery without help which up until now was a mute girl named Sarah (Madeline Smith). Dr. Helder fits the bill as a surgeon and Frankenstein offers to make him his assistant which Helder accepts. Frankenstein then shows Helder some his inmates, one is a brilliant sculptor and the other is a brilliant mathematician.

The sculptor ends up dead and his hands end up on Frankenstein’s new creation, a neanderthal looking inmate (David Prowse) that used to stab people but now needs new eyes on top of hands and a brain. After getting some eyes, the mathematician ends up killing himself and now Frankenstein has his brain for his creation.

Hammer’s American distributors wanted an actually monster for this film and they kind of comprised. David Prowse is grotesque but with the brain of the mathematician, he’s only trying to protect Sarah and seems to be suffer from some sort The Hand’s Orlac type syndrome. His brain in murderer’s body remember’s killing even though the mathematician never killed before. Cushing is excellent as always and manages to end the series on a bit of high note unlike the Dracula series.