306 + ? = Saskatchewan’s Future Area Codes

That’s right, plural. Today, SaskTel Minister Bill Boyd said that our province is going to need a new one, as we’re currently expected to run out of numbers by May 2013.

I’ve been seeing reactions on Twitter all morning, like this and this and this. My first thought: I’ve seen a few interviews like this one with Nik Kozub of Shout Out Out Out Out, where he wears his area code with pride – literally, with a big “780” tattoo on his arm. Someone having the 306 equivalent wouldn’t be surprising at all. I wonder if they’re really sweating right now.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

9 thoughts on “306 + ? = Saskatchewan’s Future Area Codes”

  1. I guess if you have a “306” tattoo and they change your area code, you could say it was supposed to be “360” but they gave you 50% off so it’s cool?

  2. We can get 308, or 386, or 388, or 888, etc. because you can change your tattoo-ed 3 / 0 / 6 to look like an eight. Then if they change things even more, you can make them into three snow(wo)men.

  3. actually now’s the perfect time to get a 306 tattoo, since everyone who gets one of the new area codes will be a false and a poseur and you’ll be an OG

  4. And here I thought that 306 and “OG” would never be synonymous…

  5. This one has maps:
    It looks kind of stale and Ameri-centric, but it does have a lot of good information on the rules surrounding area codes and telephone numbers in North America.

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