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December 15, 2022 | PDF

Best of Regina 2022


All the winners and runners-up! Right here!

Burn It Down

City Hall | Paul Dechene
This holiday season, cleanse memories of terrible politics with metaphorical flames

Not Even An Ounce

Feature | Gregory Beatty
Prevention is an afterthought in Saskatchewan Party health care

China And Iran: Tyrants In Retreat

World | Gwynne Dyer
Two regimes face mass protests. Only one seems to have a plan.

It’s The Pillaging, Not People

Science Matters | David Suzuki
We have more important things to worry about than surging human population

So Much In The Minimal

Art | Gregory Beatty
Felicia Gay’s HeavyShield show exudes style, story, connection and the warmth of ironic friendships

The Dream Genie

Film | Jorge Ignacio Castillo
Brett Morgen finds the artist behind Bowie’s identities

Back in Blue

Film |  Jorge Ignacio Castillo
Visually dazzling. Technically unimpeachable. Still needs a soul.

Palace Revolt

Film | Jorge Ignacio Castillo
Sam Mendes really missed going to the movies during the pandemic, now we all have to pay

Cancellation Culture

Television Man | Aidan Morgan
Episode 51

My Music

Six favourite tracks from Skyler Cafferata and Blair Colwell

Single Panel Comic

by Pat