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Best of Food 2020
The Winners!

Best of Food 2020
A Brief History Of Meals
Author Amy Jo Ehman looks at the evolution of Saskatchewan cuisine

What Just Happened

Miscellaneous news items from an age of horror

An October Surprise
Expect Trump to pull a stunt to save his doomed presidency

Science Matters
Outdated, Dirty And Dumb
Coal power is obsolete and belongs in history’s ash heapFilm Interview

Jay Baruchel’s Bloody Consequences
Should every story be told? The actor/director’s gory new horror movie dissects creative responsibility

Film Review
Man, Woman, Truck, Rage
Crowe’s MAGA maniac carries Unhinged

HnetflixTelevision Man
Episode 23: Updecks Downdecks

My Music
with Eden Paige

More Music
with Skip Taylor