Fighting Change
From petro-socialism to hijacked pensions, Western conservatives dance to big oil’s beat

Pickle Of Conflict!
Also: mikisiwipîsim is here and the calendar’s packed

Pangolin Balls Erectile Dysfunction Chinese Wet Market Virus
Wuhan, COVID-19 and the problem with accurate terms

Science Matters
Meet Eunice Foote
The story of the woman who discovered global warming in 1856

Television Man
Episode 18: How Not To Eat Salad

Film Review:  Sorry We Missed You
Don’t Trust The Man
Ken Loach pulverizes the myth of being your own boss

Film Review: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Changing Channels
This unconventional biopic explores the origins of Mr. Rogers’ goodness

Film: A Hidden Life
Uncomfortable Pew
A Hidden Life is like church. It’s solemn, reassuring and way too long

My Music
with Justine Sletten

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