Kevin Spagrud

Last issue’s award-winning typo was a classic — one of those boo-boos that happens when the editor’s dumb fingers hit an extra key. In Aidan Morgan’s excellent Oct. 10 Television Man column, a sentence meant to start “sadly, my friends…” instead began “sadly0, my friends…”. Ha ha ha! That’s a zero, by the way—not an “O”.

Several readers reported the typo so we used complicated algorithms (coin flips) to pick this issue’s Wiener. Kevin Spagrud, DJ Honky to his online enemies, is a hardware specialist, photographer and, ick, Boston Bruin’s fan. Besides taking home one of Regina’s most awesome t-shirts, “Spagrudy0” also wins a copy of Trent Portigal’s Death Train of Provincetown courtesy of Typo Wiener sponsor Radiant Press (

In conclusion: Bruins suck! Go Blue Jackets. And congratulations, Kevin!

THIS TYPING IS GOING QUITE BADLY0 Spot a typo in this issue and e-mail the details to (write TYPO in the subject field). Please include the page it was on, and the article and sentence it was in. Typos include misspelled words (including names), garbled grammar and general gibberish. Factual errors don’t count but formatting mistakes do. To be eligible, typos must be in editorial content such as articles, listings, headlines and photo cutlines. Next deadline is Tuesday, Oct. 29. Wieners (who will be alerted by e-mail) must fill out a short Q&A and be available to meet sometime at a downtown park, coffee shop or miscellaneous shady location TBD to collect prizes and pose for pictures. G00d luck!