Typo Wiener

John Clark

When John Clark spotted a typo in the headline (cringe!) of last issue’s cover story about Jorge’s crappy time at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, he knew just where to send the e-mail. I mean, partly he knew because we print the e-mail address in every issue, but John also knew because he was a Typo Wiener waaay back in June, 2011. Neat!

John wins a magnificent Typo Wiener T-shirt and a copy of Angela Long’s travelogue memoir Every Day We Disappear, courtesy Typo Wiener sponsor Radiant Press (radiantpress.ca). John is a retired teacher who loved swimming before the Sask. Party turned down federal money to fix Regina’s public pools. He also likes film, theatre and travelling.

Congratulations, John! See you again in 2028?

TRULY YOUR PROFITABLE OPPORTUNITY Spot a typo in this issue and e-mail the details to typo@prairiedogmag.com (write TYPO in the subject field). Please include the page it was on, and the article and sentence it was in. Typos include misspelled words (including names), garbled grammar and general gibberish. Factual errors don’t count but formatting mistakes do. To be eligible, typos must be in editorial content such as articles, listings, headlines (cringe!) and photo cutlines. Next deadline is Tuesday, Oct. 15, or whenever I get around to checking that e-mail folder. The wiener (who will be alerted by electro-mail) must fill out a short Q&A and be available to meet at a downtown park, coffee shop or miscellaneous shady location TBD on Friday, Oct. 18 to collect their prize and pose for a picture. Don’t vote Conservative!