Alayne Armstrong

Every issue Prairie Dog prints 6,000ish words of calendar events including concerts, art openings, public events and movie information. With so much fine print, the listings — as we informally call them — are a fertile field for typos.

Such was the case in our Sept. 12 edition. “I’m looking at page 21, the description of Echo in the Canyon, where “Mommas and the Poppas” should be spelled “Mamas and the Papas”, writes sharp-eyed typo-spotter Alayne Armstrong.

“My god, noticing this might be the only thing I’ve accomplished all day,” she adds.

That seems unlikely. Alayne is a busy assistant professor in the University of Regina’s Faculty of Education who helps Saskatchewan’s next generation of teachers learn to teach kids math. With 19 years of classroom experience, this soft-spoken prof knows what she’s doing. Alayne’s also got an English lit degree, and there’s a rumour she worked with our editor in the student press 30 years ago. We of course have no comment on that.

Alayne wins a coveted Typo Wiener t-shirt and a copy of Gillian Harding-Russell’s 2018 poetry collection In Another Air courtesy of our sponsor Radiant Press. You can order that book and many more great reads at

Congratulations, Alayne (and nice to catch up with you)!

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