Heather Touet

Every two weeks, Prairie Dog publishes Stuff To Do — an event calendar listing hundreds of upcoming concerts, art shows, plays, public lectures, fundraisers, tea parties and fantasy hockey league drafts. Sometimes it has typos!

Case in point: our Sept. 10 listing for the Rebellion Brewing Co.’s taphouse’s trivia night.

“I’m pretty sure Rebel Trivia (event on Sept. 3) hasn’t turned into Rebel Media (event on Sept. 10), writes Heather Touet, referring to Ezra Levant’s notorious far-right media organization. “I mean, I’ll brush up on my racial slurs just in case, but I feel it hasn’t turned into alt-right trivia.”

For spotting this boo-boo, Heather wins an awesome Typo Wiener shirt and a cool book from Regina publisher Radiant Press (radiantpress.ca). Heather, a Saskatchewan Polytechnic writing instructor, also has a challenge for trivia fans: “Come to Rebellion Trivia on Tuesdays!” she says. “It’s super fun and my team needs better competition because we’ve won three seasons in a row.”

Yeah, I’m still putting my money on her team.

Congratulations Heather!

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