Miranda Hanus

Things are suspiciously quiet at the Typo Wiener offices lately. What is this, the corner of Silent St. and Inaction Avenue? It’s been a month since we got a submission. We’ll just assume we haven’t had any typos in the paper since July and move forward…

But WAIT! Eagle-eyed reader Miranda Hanus spotted a boo-boo in last issue’s film section! Jorge Castillo’s review of The Souvenir mentions “…Julie, a gifted, sheltered film mayor struggling to figure out her thesis.” “Mayor”? Well, that’s a “major” mistake (HAW HAW). Miranda wins a Typo Wiener T-shirt, a couple shiny Prairie Dog buttons and what I think was our last copy of gillian harding-russell’s poetry collection In Another Air, courtesy of Typo Wiener sponsor Radiant Press (radiantpress.ca).

Who is Miranda? Miranda is a big a podcast fan. “My favourites include Missing Richard Simmons, Reply All and the Mental Illness Happy Hour, and of course, CBC’s Somebody Knows Something and Uncover,” she says. “As a former broadcast reporter, I’d really like to produce my own someday.”

A cat-mom to Siamese cross Loki, Miranda is known to visit Excalipurr Cat Café. I hear that’s a good place to read poetry.

Congratulations, Miranda!

NO ONE CAUGHT THE TYPO ON THE COVER A COUPLE OF ISSUES AGO Spot a typo in this issue and e-mail the details to typo@prairiedogmag.com (write TYPO in the subject field). Please include the page it was on, and the article and sentence it was in. Typos include misspelled words (including names), garbled grammar and general gibberish. Factual errors don’t count but formatting mistakes do. To be eligible, typos must be in editorial content such as articles, listings, headlines and photo cutlines. Next deadline is Tuesday, Sept. 3. The Wiener (who will be alerted by electro-mail) must fill out a short Q&A and be available to meet at a downtown park, coffee shop or miscellaneous shady location TBD to collect their prize and pose for a picture. Legless reptilian mascots available on request.