With Ruth B.

Ruth B.’s entry into music came when she started posting short videos on Vine from her home in Edmonton. A YouTube video of her song “Lost Boy” followed in 2015. Later that year, she signed with Columbia Records, and released her debut EP The Intro. The full-length album Safe Haven followed in 2017, as did a Juno win for Breakthrough Artist.

Ruth B. will be in a Regina Folk Festival workshop on Stage #2 Saturday from 4:10–5:20 p.m., and she plays the main stage from 7:05–8:05 p.m. Here are six songs she considers favourites. /Gregory Beatty

Daniel Caesar | Freudian (2017)

I love the production and the simplicity of “Blessed”. I really love Daniel Caesar. He’s another artist out of Canada who I really respect, and I think he’s super talented.

“To Zion”
Lauryn Hill | The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill (1998)

“To Zion” is actually my all-time favourite song. It’s such a beautiful story and I remember hearing it when I was very young. It’s one of the songs that pushed me to be a writer because I was so enamoured by how Lauryn Hill took a story and put it into a four-minute song.

Lizzo | Cuz I Love You (2019)

“Juice” is just a jam. It’s literally my anthem this summer. I think it’s so much fun and filled with happy vibes. Lizzo is just the most confident and badass chick in music.

“Lollipop (Candyman)”
AQUA | Aquarium (1997)

I went through a phase recently where I was going heavy into AQUA and other old dance music, and this song is so nostalgic for me. I probably shouldn’t have been listening to it when I was nine though. Now that I get it, I’m like “dang, why was I listening to that.” But it’s a bop.

“City Blues”
TOBi | Still (2019)

TOBi is a new artist out of Canada. I just think this song is so good. The lyrics talk about important issues and it sounds really beautiful. His voice is amazing, and it’s just one of those songs that I heard and was like “I really wish I wrote this song myself.”

“Be On My Way (Interlude)”
H.E.R. | I Used To Know Her: The Prelude (2018)

It’s an interlude on her album, but it’s such a nice relax and chill out song. “Be On My Way” is just so empowering for anyone trying to get out of something, and it helped me get through some stuff. So I just love this song.