Stephanie Vance

Several readers caught an itty bitty typo in last issue’s movie listings. In the write-up for Disney’s Penguins, we printed the line “Disney is going to run of cute animals to make documentaries about.” That should be “run out of”, obviously. While all entries were loved and appreciated, Stephanie clearly has the best name so I picked her to win the t-shirt and a copy of  gillian harding russell’s poetry collection In Another Air, published by Regina’s Radiant Press (, not “dot com” like I wrote last time).

Stephanie is an EAL teacher on parenting hiatus and the author of the new children’s book A Walk In The Park set in, yes, Wascana Park. Look for it in June. “I like to write in my free time,” says Stephanie. “I love being out in nature — walking, cycling — and reading. I love Wascana Park!” Congratulations, Stephanie! Enjoy your Wascana summer. /Stephen Whitworth

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