Gerry Ruecker

Hi! Remember this column? Long story short, Typo Wiener was disrupted, delayed and discombobulated by Prairie Dog’s well-publicized February office bugout. Anyway: it’s back! Yay.

About a month ago, long-time reader and upstanding citizen Gerry Ruecker caught us using the word “lead” somewhere in Stuff To Do, when we clearly meant “led”. Or maybe it was the other way around? Don’t remember, but good enough! Gerry wins a shirt and our last copy of Kay Parley’s Prairie fantasy novel The Grass People, published by Close Personal Friends and Typo Wiener sponsor Radiant Press ( The book’s gorgeous Gerri Ann Siwek cover art was popular with our Wieners, who always get their choice of one of several excellent Radiant Press books.

As for Gerry: he’s a recently retired Reginan who makes interesting art — keep an eye out for it. Some really nice repurposing of an old Honest Ed sign. He’s also a cyclist, a long-time member of the Regina Folk Festival board and a big fan of Gwynne Dyer and especially David Suzuki.

Good guy, basically. Congratulations, Gerry!

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