Queen City Confidential | by Anonymous

I know, I know! I should carry my own re-usable grocery bags when I’m out shopping! But I’ve never been a boy scout and don’t live by the motto “ be prepared” — and, truthfully, I’m just not always organized enough to know when I’m gonna need to visit my local grocer anyway. That’s why I don’t mind that most stores now charge five cents for each bag — it’s a good incentive for all of us to start carrying our own re-usable bags, which is great for the environment. But when I DO forget my own and need to buy one of your mass-produced plastic bags, good grief, Mr. Big Grocery Chain man: at least sell me a sack that doesn’t disintegrate before I make it to my car. I am SO TIRED of paying $0.05 for plastic bags that I can’t re-use for groceries or other items, garbage can liners or even to scoop my pet’s poop because the flimsy sheath is so full of holes it isn’t fit to hold feathers. That can’t be good for the environment and it’s certainly not good for my blood pressure.

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