These are tough times for free, advertising-funded alternative papers like Prairie Dog. Government and agency buys are down. National print ads are extinct. And after this week’s brutal Provincial budget, it looks like recession is on its way back to Saskatchewan.

Frankly, it’s becoming incredibly difficult to publish the kind of newspaper we want to make — and that we think you want to read.

Good news: there’s a new way for you to help!

For as little as the cost of one premium beer a month you can support one of this country’s best alternative papers. The benefits are mighty: along with the pride you’ll get from being part of this swashbuckling indy news and arts adventure, every issue of Prairie Dog will be mailed directly to your home or office so you’ll never miss a paper!

On top of that, supporters get to pick out gift cards to some of Regina’s best restaurants and shops, as well as be eligible for supporter-only contests and giveaways.

Details here. Support the ‘Dog and become the hero Regina needs!