July 20 cover

Comic Murray Geister | by Dakota McFadzean

Editorial Mad About Omar The Khadr settlement: Canada broke the law, Canada pays. How is this complicated? | by Stephen Whitworth

World Dead Trump Walking Junior’s e-mails aren’t a smoking gun but his dad is still doomed | by Gwynne Dyer

Science Matters Happy Bicycletennial Two-wheeled transportation: better than ever after 200 years | by David Suzuki

Science This Old Place Artifacts reveal the long, long, lonnng history of the place we call Saskatchewan | by Gregory Beatty

Art Conceptual Detonation Printmaking: explosive communication in
a classic media | by Gregory Beatty

Film Not Unwatchable Valerian buries a good message under a terrible script | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo

Film Tour Dull France An attractive woman is caught between two men, zzzz | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo

Film Postcard Warfare A grieving couple takes a secret stand against Nazis | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo

Film Hnetflix | by Shane Hnetka

Music My Music with Carlie Hinz

Bonus Column Cats & Dogs An Apology | by Todd Tarkinton

QCC Night Saunter | by Anonymous