Queen City Confidential | by Anonymous

This one’s for T.G., the righteous dude who sent surprise pizza, cheese bread and dry ribs to our workplace along with a copy of our favourite out-of-town newspaper and a lovely card. You, sir, are the king of awesome. Your delicious gift filled our hungry bellies and lifted our sagging spirits. Work is a lot of fun but it’s tough, too, and sometimes we wonder if the gig is worth the aggravation. Appreciation pizzas from local superheroes like you makes it crystal clear that what we do matters, and that we should keep doing it. Thank you so much! We’ll make sure to pay it forward.

HOW’S THAT FOR A SLICE OF FRIED GOLD? Queen City Confidential is an open forum for Prairie Dog readers to anonymously share their petty rants, workplace gripes, romantic woes and complaints about friends and family. You can also embarrass local pizza heroes with praise and love, but don’t spread that around — we don’t want everyone doing it. E-mail your submission to confidential@prairiedogmag.com (type CONFIDENTIAL in the subject field). Change everyone’s names and identifying details. Submissions must be 100–200 words and served with a side of cheese bread if possible. Mmmm, cheese bread.