daily-aggregation-21. HOORAY HOORAY FOR MARIJUANA DAY The Liberals say they’ll present legalization legislation in 2017. Can’t wait to see how the Opposition Conservatives will handle it seeing how half the party is repressed anti-legalization cowards and the other half is libertarian potheads. Also, Beatty wrote a feature on legalization and you should read it.

2. BACK TO WORK The provincial legislature is back in session May 17.

3. NOT IN MY BACKYARD Some residents of the allegedly progressive Cathedral neighbourhood oppose a proposed apartment.

4. BURN BABY BURN Saskatchewan is facing a ferocious wildfire season, cough #globalwarming cough.

5. “PEOPLE DON’T LIKE ME! THEY REALLY, REALLY DON’T LIKE ME!” After a provincial election with record numbers of declined ballots, wildly unpopular human being Greg Selinger is Manitoba’s ex-premier and the NDP’s ex-leader. He was so hated that Manitobans held their noses and elected a weird, Halloween-hating ghoul to be their new PC premier. On the bright side, Wab Kinew is now a member of a provincial legislature! On the hilarious side, at least a few anti-poverty activists think conservatives will do a better job of looking after the poor than the NDP.

6. PEOPLE SURE GET BUTTHURT WHEN SOMEONE POINTS OUT SEXISM Conservative MP Michelle Rempel has a great column on sexism in the National Post. As always, comments are awful.

7. CLOSE BUT NO TROPHY Oh well. Cheers to the Regina Pats for a great season.

8. HAVE YOU VOTED IN BEST OF FOOD? You have a little more than 24 hours to share your opinions on Regina’s best restaurants and such, and become eligible for $500 in awesome food-based prizes. Don’t wanna? Don’t blame ME when McDonald’s wins Best Steakhouse.


NHL Lottery Simulator-April 20Montreal (5% chance at the first pick), Ottawa (2.5%) and Buffalo (6%) all leapfrog  my poor, hopeless Blue Jackets, who fall to 7th overall. The NHL Draft Lottery is April 30. You can play at home here.

ANYTHING ELSE? Umm, there’s a pretty funny Honest Trailer up for Superman Returns. Bryan Singer, it’s your fault Zack Snyder has a job.