July 21 – August 3, 2016

July 21, 2016 cover by Darrol Hofmeister

Comic Murray Geister by Dakota McFadzean

News An Act Updated Who wants to read about FOI legislation? Yeah? Let’s do this! | by Gregory Beatty

Politics The Brad Wall Era How the sunshine premier changed Saskatchewan politics | by John F. Conway

World Erdogan Wins Turkey’s failed coup: goodbye democracy, hello to the sultan | by Gwynne Dyer

Science Matters A Lot Of Dam Trouble Hydro’s future is highly volatile in our ever-warming world | by David Suzuki

Pints Easy Drinking Issues Stouts? IPAs? Pale and brown ales? Your style is now in session | by Jason Foster

Cover Here Be Monsters Pokémon Go doesn’t make you walk into traffic. Stupidity does | by McDuck

Film Rebel With A Comb Whit Stillman dresses up a Jane Austen novella | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo

Film This Way Out Gerwig gets Gen-Y right in a flawed-but-fun rom-com | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo

Film Lies For Miles A review of Miles Ahead | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo

Film Queef Power Ghostbusters smashes glass ceilings with small puffs of wind | by Megan Seling

Film Hnetflix by Shane Hnetka

Queen City Confidential You’re A Terrible Golf Coach by Anonymous