Cover by Myron Campbell


Comic Murray Geister by Dakota McFadzean

Province Walking With Sylvia Canada Day is the best day for a Northern protest | by Nickita Danielle Longman

City Tower Power The U of R wants to bring Conexus to its Wascana Park campus | by Paul Dechene

World Brexit Served Cold English voters wake up to regret as EU exit reality sinks in | by Gwynne Dyer

Science Matters Every Month Hotter Broken records, fools and liars define Earth’s climate crisis | by David Suzuki

Science Amazing Graze The world’s scientists come to Sask to talk about rangeland | by Gregory Beatty

Drink! A Drunken Brexit When the global economy is threatened, Prairie Dog takes action | by Aidan Morgan

Art Beyond The Topiary Neighbours’ bizarre hedonism lurks over a gallery’s hedge | by Gregory Beatty

Film Hnetflix by Shane Hnetka

Film A Mighty Wind Finally, a farting corpse movie with something to say | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo

Film Animal Crackers Secret Life is fluffy summer fun for fun’s sake | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo

Queen City Confidential Parade Invadersby Anonymous

Bonus Column Hey, Why Are My Shoes Made Of Fire? | by A.G. Feuerschuh