Bonus Column by Someone


Inspired by the Saskatchewan government’s April decision to give the on-line food delivery service SkipTheDishes a $3 million subsidy to conduct employee training and expand its Saskatoon office, we’ve been hard at work at Prairie Dog brainstorming our own innovative strategy for making meal-time simpler for busy Saskatchewanians with active lifestyles.

As you can see from the above photo, the prototype we’ve developed allows the user to escape the drudgery of post-meal clean-up through one simple step. Simply deposit your dirty dishes, utensils, glasses and whatnot in the sink and poof… problem solved!

It’s ingenious, we know, and with $3 million in seed money from the Ministry of the Economy we’re confident we can bring our prototype, which we’re tentatively calling ScrewTheDishes subject to trademark approval, to market by the second quarter of 2017.

So if anyone has contact info for the Ministry of the Economy can you forward it to us please? We’re really keen to get going on this new business venture and do our part to help keep Saskatchewan strong.