Queen City Confidential by Anonymous

Hillary Clinton has surpassed the number of delegates and superdelegates an American presidential hopeful needs on his or her dance card to tango in the general election. Nevertheless it looks pretty clear my social media feeds will be littered with “it’s not over” talk from the Bernie Sanders campaign and supporters — including a surprisingly large number of Saskatchewan Bernouts — well into the distant future.

First: yes it is. It is over. It really has been for a while. You’re making yourself look dumb, and no one (except, presumably, Team Trump) is impressed by what you’re doing.

Second and more importantly: my neighbours, if you’re so passionate about progressive politics why don’t I see more of you lifting your Twitter fingers to elect lefty candidates here? Here, where you actually live, vote, pay taxes and currently have a right-wing provincial government?

And lastly: a savvy woman is one step away from signing the lease on the centre unit in this North American triplex. She’s the first woman in history to win a major American party’s nomination. That’s shit-hot. It’d be great if you’d stop groping around for half-baked reasons not to like her. I think we’ve done that to women quite enough.

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