Queen City Confidential by Anonymous

I like to read Queen City Confidential like anyone else because people are stupid and hilarious, and complaining about them is fun. But I hope you can print something nice just this once. I’m so proud to live in a place that donated so much money and goods to the victims of the Fort McMurray fire. Whenever bad things happen, we’re reminded that Saskatchewan is full of people who care about others. We’re not perfect —  there’s lots of suffering we don’t pay enough attention to because it’s chronic and complicated, rather than an attention-grabbing emergency like a wildfire. Still, the Alberta disaster definitely proves we have good hearts. Let’s nurture those hearts and make them bigger, and build a kinder and happier province!

YOUR SICKENING GOODNESS APPALLS US Queen City Confidential is supposed to be an open forum for Prairie Dog readers to anonymously share petty rants, workplace gripes, romantic woes and complaints about friends and family. Unfortunately some sick freaks like to say nice things, which makes us shrivel faster than vampires at a beach. Hisssss! E-mail submissions to confidential@prairiedogmag.com (type CONFIDENTIAL in the subject field). Change everyone’s names and identifying details. Submissions must be 100-200 words and ought to be dripping with self-righteous venom that poisons both writer and readers. How else do you expect us vampires to nourish our miserable, desiccated souls?