Some Remakes Are Awesome

I take Shane Hnetka’s frequently-made point that remakes are often both subpar and made with cynical intent. But not always — in some cases the remake builds upon elements only touched upon in the original and markedly improves them; in other cases, advances in cinematic technology can make for a more memorable visual experience. Someone may like the original The Thing for its kitsch value; but is there any question that Carpenter’s remake is light years more viscerally terrifying?

Here’s a small list of quality remakes — and by “quality”, let’s be reasonable and allow that such judgements are, of course, subjective. For instance, I think Scorcese’s Cape Fear is good, and occasionally really good; but I still prefer the original. This doesn’t mean I think Scorcese wasted his time in the remake. A good director can make us look in new ways. So: 1. The Fly 2. Nosferatu 3.Ocean’s 11 4. Cape Fear 5. Invasion of the Body Snatchers 6. Some Like it Hot 7. True Grit 8. The Thing.

I might think of more — so maybe another e-mail. Meanwhile, thanks for the fun articles.

Wendy Phillips
Ankara, Turkey

No Time For Love, Dr. Jones

Hey, people! Lots of great material in the March/April editions. Just one question: Given that you’re all about a solid alternative to conventional media; to the voicing of candid and often controversial opinion from a different point of view, why is there no space devoted to letters from the public?

Allan Kirk

Thanks for the letter, Allan! We don’t get a lot of mail these days. A lot of discourse has moved online, especially to Facebook. That said, we’re happy to publish reader letters (actual letters, not unsolicited opinion columns) when we get ’em. Thanks for writing! /Stephen Whitworth

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