Queen City Confidential | by Anonymous

Every week I get coupon flyers in the mail from fast food chains eager to feed me burgers, breakfasts, coffee, sandwiches and sweet sugary snacks. Fair enough, but as far as I can tell these restaurants never tell their poor employees they’ve unleashed a paper tsunami of two-for-one deals and deep-fried discounts. In drive-through after drive-though, baffled and besieged shift workers try their best to decode coupon clippers’ mumbled orders while said deal-seekers glower and grumble (or, if they’re like me, shrink guiltily into their car seats). Is there a way for companies to make this whole deals-in-the-mail thing go down more smoothly? Or are coupons maybe something that just don’t work in drive-throughs? I don’t know, but I hope the corporate fast fooderies figure it out before some poor drive-through schmuck’s head detonates from a lethal dose of coupons.

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