Queen City Confidential by Anonymous

Hey, STC goofballs: you’re in the business of selling a service so one would think you know what you’re doing. One would apparently be wrong. I wanted to use you guys to ship a package on Good Friday. I know a lot of places aren’t open during statutory holidays, so earlier in the week I called to make sure you were shipping packages that day. I was told you were. I asked for your hours of operation, and I was given them. So how come when I showed up with my important package on Friday, March 25, you were closed? Are you understaffed? Are you bad at internal communications? Or was I talking to a right-wing mole who’s spreading lies to undermine a valuable public asset so that frustrated customers like me will want it privatized? Well, I’m not falling for it. I love STC. But in the future, please give your customers accurate information. You kind of screwed up my weekend.

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