March 17, 2016 cover


COMIC Murray Geister by Dakota McFadzean

EDITORIAL Moon Sabotage Don’t blame astronauts for Earth’s warmest-ever February by Stephen Whitworth

PROVINCE Ralph’s Rotten Road Is Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan going down Klein’s Alberta path? by Paul Dechene

ELECTION Saying “No” Is Hard Conservatives say they’re great for the economy. Are they? by Gregory Beatty

WORLD The Right Priorities Obama’s minimalist foreign policy had very little “stupid shit” by Gwynne Dyer

SCIENCE MATTERS An Ordinary Day On a Wednesday in early March, positive change was in the air by David Suzuki

SCIENCE Divided And Conquered Fragmented habitats and climate change threaten Sask species by Gregory Beatty

RESTAURANTS A Worthy Last Meal You likely won’t ever need to eat again after supper at Shynok by Aidan Morgan

FILM Deadly Decisions Gavin Hood dissects drone ethics in Eye In The Sky by Jorge Ignacio Castillo 

FILM The Reflecting Skin Set in the 50s, made in the 90s, worth your time now by Jorge Ignacio Castillo

FILM Heavy Medal Actually, The Bronze barely wins a participant ribbon by Jorge Ignacio Castillo

FILM Hnetflix by Shane Hnetka

MUSIC Respect The Kilt The Real McKenzies and their unstoppable malarkey are back by Geraldine Malone

MUSIC Death Cab Confidential A history of an old music nerd’s aughts-era band crush by Craig Silliphant

MUSIC Just Make The Stuff Metric’s Emily Haines has no plans to repeat herself by Ezekiel McAdams

QCC Woofbye by Anonymous

BONUS COLUMN Point/Counterpoint Should We Nuke Saskatchewan?