I.D. And Gender: Change Is Coming

Our province is finally catching up to the rest of Western Canada when it comes to transgender rights. Over the holidays, Saskatchewan Minister of Justice Gordon Wyant sent a letter to stakeholders explaining that they were taking steps to update the requirements for changing sex designation on birth certificates.

Right now the Vital Statistics Act requires an individual have gender reassignment surgery before it will change gender on a birth certificate. A birth certificate is necessary to change gender on a driver’s licence, passport and most other identification.

That means that trans* individuals looking to get identification that reflects their gender need very expensive surgery which usually results in sterilization — not a trade everyone is willing or able to make.

Wyant’s letter stated that the government plans to introduce an amendment to the Act which would remove the surgery requirement. They plan to speak with stakeholders over the coming months to finalize all the details but it is a step in the right direction.

In February 2015, Alberta and Manitoba made the changes to their law and British Columbia made the change a year before. /Geraldine Malone

Ya’ll Qaeda: Oregon Nitwits Hate The Gubbermint

As Prairie Dog was trying to get real work done a bunch of angry, willfully ignorant and probably drooling yokels seized a U.S. wildlife refuge because they were mad about cattle grazing rights or some stupid thing. At press time, these heavily armed dickbrains were holed up in a compound with several weeks’ worth of instant noodles and macaroni and cheese, vowing to take Oregon’s Malheur national wildlife refuge — which is apparently a world-class bird sanctuary — away from the American public and give it to ranchers, miners and loggers. Because tyranny I guess.

Fortunately for these whiny, erectile dysfunction-plagued assclowns they’re white, so the U.S. national guard hasn’t been sent in (as would happen if they were black or Muslim). It’s all just as well, because the last thing today’s gun-totin’ butt-hurt white dudes need is a bunch of martyrs to rally around.  /Stephen Whitworth