I’m beginning to think that Harper has proven himself so objectionable as a prime minister that even his trusted civilian advisers hate him and are out to sabotage his campaign.

Just look at that mess above.

Presumably, the goal here is to say that Justin Trudeau is inexperienced and would make a total hash of being prime minister. But after watching this a few times, I’m convinced that a winning electoral strategy for any of the opposition parties would simply be to hold this ad up and say, “Would you really trust the people who approved this disaster to run your country?”

Even Justin Trudeau, inexperienced as he is, given an iPhone and a few random strangers could direct an ad that looks less amateurish than this.

And that’s why I think that maybe this attack ad was made this ineptly on purpose — that maybe the gang of filmmakers and actors hired to produce it were thinking to themselves, “No way am I going to help this douche canoe get another chance at fucking over the entertainment industry. I’m going to murder this advertisement like it’s a female character on Murdoch Mysteries.

I mean, if you want more evidence that nobody’s heart was really in it, note how the writers didn’t even bother to write the ad. No, they just ripped off a 2011 ad produced by the Manitoba NDP. The only way they could do that and think they wouldn’t get caught is if they assumed the internet was something that hadn’t happened yet. And, no surprise, the plagiarism was spotted within hours of the ad’s launch.

Gee… um… Mr Harper, wasn’t intellectual property theft one of those crimes you wanted to get tough on?

Also, note the subject matter… considering the Conservatives are already widely believed to have handed the country over to corporate interests, how could somebody think it’s a good idea to remind everybody about this by filming a scenario in which the prime minister of the country is being selected by anonymous HR executives?

So, let’s go over what we learn about Stephen Harper’s Conservatives from this attack ad…

a. They’re a sack of bumbling knobs.

b. They’re a gang of thieves, poaching ideas off the NDP.

c. They’re in the pocket of big business and think it’s natural to have corporations running the country.

Hunh… pretty much what I thought going into the ad.

In the end, I will concede that this attack ad has accomplished one of its main goals: to go viral. Unfortunately for the Conservatives, it’s going viral for all the wrong reasons.

One very amused prairie dog who’s mocking this ad on Facebook with all his prairie dog friends.