I would’ve thought this would’ve been a natural fit for a small-arena show at Brandt Centre. But instead it’s at the Agribition Building on Tuesday, April 7.

I’ve never seen a concert there, myself. So I don’t know what it would be like as far as acoustics and sight-lines go. I don’t see it being very conducive to a Goth/Metal vibe, though.

Most everyone’s probably familiar with Marilyn Manson. He released his first album Portrait of an American Family in 1994. In January, he released his 10th album — The Pale Emperor. It’s apparently got a bit of a blues influence, although still packing plenty of hard rock punch.

The show, with back-up act Deap Vally (an American rock duo comprised of Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards), goes Tuesday at the Agribition Building. Tickets are $60, and the venue is limited to people 19+. For ticket info visit the Brandt Centre website. To close, here’s a track off The Pale Emperor called “Third Day of a Seven Day Binge”