patient-62-saskatchewanIn 2013, you’ll perhaps recall, a group of Regina filmmakers got a proposal together and entered a national competition in the hope of winning some serious six-figure financing to bring their project to the big-screen.

Through several months of crowd voting and jury deliberations, the filmmakers succeeded in advancing round to round until finally they were the only ones left standing.

The name of the film they were pitching, of course, was Wolf Cop.

Now, CineCoup is back for another session of cinematic excitement. And Regina has another entry in the race. Like Wolf Cop, Patient 62 is in the SF/Horror genre. Written and produced by Rick Anthony, with partners Bryce Schlamp (director) and Glenn LaPointe (marketing), the story-line for the movie involves a man named Lucas Chase who is trying to track down his estranged sister.

Possibly conceived before Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall did a 180 on the issue of licensed strip clubs, the film’s premise involves the sister working as a stripper. Haunted by nightmares that she may have been abducted, Lucas sets out to find her.

You can find out more about Patient 62 and the other 74 entries in CineCoup 2015 by visiting the CineCoup website.  The first round of voting begins Monday April 6 and runs to Friday April 10. That will see the number of entrants reduced from 75 to 60.

Additional rounds of voting will be held Monday April 20 to Friday April 24 to eliminate 30 more hopefuls, with that number dropping to 15 during a third round of voting from Monday May 4 to Friday May 8.

So good luck to Rick, Bryce and Glenn in their quest to follow in the pawprints of Wolf Cop.