For the past two months local rock bands have been going toe-to-toe in a good old fashioned Battle of the Bands sponsored by a local rock station that shall remain nameless. During the five-part preliminary round a howling good time was had by all, I imagine, and the initial pack of 30 bands has been culled to five.

On Thursday, April 2 the surviving bands (League of One, Mother Night, Braindead Romeo, Majetik and Hello, Lady) will compete for alpha status in the Grand Finale at the Exchange. At stake is a prize package as juicy and delectable as a freshly killed caribou carcass — to borrow a lupine analogy.

There’s a $10 cover for the all-ages show, and partial proceeds go to Music Heals where therapists use music as a tool for promoting health and well-being — like say, if someone was attacked by a wolf when out for a hike in the wild, and ended up suffering physical and mental trauma. Music could be used as part of the therapy to help them heal.

To set the stage for the battle, here’s the video for Braindead Romeo’s 2012 tune “Comin’ Up Roses”