daily-aggregation-21. THE REEVE OF THE RM OF SHERWOOD HAS BEEN REMOVED AFTER A CONFLICT-OF-INTEREST INVESTIGATION It is believed Kevin Eberle’s magnificent hair has gone with him.

2. VACCINATION: COLLECTIVE RIGHTS TRUMP INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS I agree with this, and so would Mr. Spock, and he’s smarter than either of us, so there.

3. BOOZE PROPOSED FOR CONVENIENCE STORES Worth investigating, says I–and I say that as a supporter of keeping SLGA stores public.

4. WILL CANADIANS GET THE  RIGHT TO DOCTOR-ASSISTED SUICIDE TOMORROW? I hope so. If the do, one group is ready to help draft right-to-die legislation. More on this case here.

5. SO: JOHN BAIRD Chantal Hébert on his surprise departure.

6. BACK TO BOMBING Jordanian planes carried out air strikes against, well, hopefully, Islamic State militants and not innocent people in the wrong place at the wrong time.

7. PET STORE OWNER ARRESTED IN SNAKE DEATH CASE Story, such as it is so far, here. There;s no reason a negligent pet owner shouldn’t be responsible for deaths caused by his animal, and giant pythons come with big responsibilities — they’re certainly not a pet most people should keep, more for the animals’ welfare than anything else. That said, the dangers of keeping snakes have been massively exaggerated. Rock, reticulated and Burmese pythons, as well as anacondas and boas, should be legal to own with a license. Far more people are harmed by their pet dogs than by their pet snakes. Unfortunately, decisions to ban and restrict exotic pets seem to come from ignorance, fear, ideology and political pandering rather than reason. It’s very silly that it’s legal to own a rifle and not a boa constrictor.

VIDEO: SPEAKING OF GIANT SNAKES Watch as SnakeBytes’ host Brian Barczyk plays with some not-so deadly reticulated pythons. Will he get nipped? Spoiler alert: yup!