daily-aggregation-21. ONE LAST GOODBYE You can see Michele Sereda and Lacy Morin-Desjarlais’ last film tonight. Dancing the Space Inbetween was finished just a couple of days before the car accident that killed Sereda, Morin-Desjarlais and three others.

2. SASKATCHEWAN BUDGET LOOMS Read all about it, well, after you stop swearing at commercials that play automatically as soon as you load the page. And no, I don’t hate ads and commercials. I hate interruptions. Web videos should never play automatically. It’s terrible for readers, and the Leader-Post should knock it off.

3. CONSERVATIVES MODIFY THEIR FASCIST POSITION So NOW they’re open to more input on their evil “spy on environmentalists” bill. Huh. Maybe they did some internal polling and learned, to their surprise, that most Canadians aren’t, in fact, the credulous rubes Conservatives assume they are?

4. AT LEAST CANADA ISN’T DOING THIS YET. WELL, HOPEFULLY WE’RE NOT. MAYBE THE GUARDIAN COULD LOOK INTO IT FOR US? More on the Chicago police department’s secret torture warehouse, plus an account by one detainee. Hilarious that it’s a British newspaper, not a U.S. one, that got this story. This is the shit you get with “war on terror” frenzies.

5. HIGH IN THE U.S. CAPITAL The District Of Columbia has made marijuana illegal. What does it mean for legalization in general? Good things. 

6. PROFILE OF AN ISLAMIC STATE KILLER If you’re interested in where murderers who kill unarmed hostages come from, read this.

7. ANTI-SEX, ANTI-REALITY DOPES IN CANADA’S BIGGEST PROVINCE Conservative parties in this country have been the BEST at attracting crazy people (which is really saying something, since politics is inherently great at attracting nutters) since the 1990s, at least. Science-bashing young earth creationists? Conservatives! Sociopaths who hate poor people? Conservatives! Homophobes and bigots? Well, they’re everywhere, but I’d argue the best place to find ’em is in a gathering of conservatives. On the bright side, this makes it easy to insult and ridicule conservatives. It also means that if you want to embarrass them, you just have to start grown-up conversations — about anything, really, but you’ll hit home runs talking about drugs and sex.

Seriously, one of these fearmongering fuckwits from faith-based fantasyland is accusing Ontario’s government of planning to teach human-on-animal sex. What nonsense. It’s so obvious what this is really about. This is about parents fighting to keep their children ignorant and homophobic so they won’t lose their kids’ respect and love when their children grow up and realize their parents are dopey, frightened extremists clinging to scientifically and ethically discredited moral ideas. It’s really quite sad when you think about it. Anyway, more here.

8. HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL Regina students don’t like changes to what schools they can attend. Don’t know anything about this, but inclined to suggest this just how school systems work in real cities, and while there ought to be a mechanism to approve requests to special placements (maybe there is?), assigned schooling is kinda the way things gotta work. Then again, this heritage-school bulldozing school board only has two trustees (Carla Beck and Kathleen O’Reilly) that seem to be any good, so maybe this is bad?

9. BREAST MILK FOR BODYBUILDERS Speaking of fussy, prudish attitudes… colour me guilty. Also, ewwwwwwwwwww.

10. DRAMA TO THE LEFT OF US The governing Manitoba NDP is in a leadership race right now as disgruntled NDPers fight to get rid of their unpopular leader who seems poised to lead them to Lingenfelter levels of obliteration next election. Naturally, said leader is fighting to stay. And he’s got the support of Manitoba’s CUPE leadership, though not the union as a whole.

YOUR THURSDAY TENTACLE LOVE Who doesn’t love octopuses? Who? What nonsense. Everyone loves octopuses. Octopuses are the best–they swim up to scuba divers and give them friendly cuddles. So don’t be dissin’ the ‘pus.

Here’s a song, crank it!