daily-aggregation-21. CANADA BLOCKS TARSANDS IMPACT INVESTIGATION Of course we did. Not surprising — our cowardly government can’t handle scientifically established facts showing the oil industry is really destructive. Probably said it before, but Alberta and Canada should never have allowed tarsands development. In another 20 years the environmental damage and harm to human health will be so obvious that nearly everyone will agree on this point, and we’ll wish we could go back in time and do it differently. In the meantime, there are cheques to be cashed.

2. CITY COUNCIL MEETING TONIGHT Prairie Dog is currently ignoring the City Hall beat, but at least you can read about what’s going on in the Leader-Post (although you’ll have to put up with the L-Ps bullshit addiction to rudely automatically playing videos).


4. 200-YEAR-OLD DRUNKS Some famous dead dude had a birthday.

5. “ILLEGAL AND DANGEROUS BUTTOCK ENHANCEMENT PROCEDURES” If that quote isn’t enough to make you click this link you have no sense of humour.

6. READ THIS HEER COLUMN Part-time Regina resident and one of Canada’s top public intellectuals Jeet Heer wrote about the Charlie Hebdo shootings in The Globe And Mail this weekend. From his column:

In effect, the cartoonist has a voodoo magic to turn us into pincushion dolls, to harm us while robbing us of the power to fight back. But aside from the larger power of cartooning, there is a specific French tradition of scurrilous and shocking visual mockery.

You should check it out.

7. ABANDONED SNAKE RESCUED FROM MOTEL Irresponsible jerks left their unwanted pet in a motel room. The animal, a super salmon boa constrictor, is now at a pet store.

8. HOORAY FOR TEEMU! One of the greatest players to wear the number eight had his jersey retired by Anaheim last night. I remember watching the 1988 NHL draft when he was picked 10th overall by the Jets (much to my delight: the Hockey News had called Teemu the best goal scorer available, and this was in a year with Mike Modano and Jeremy Roenick). I remember the announcers saying GM John Ferguson might want to select towering defenceman Francois Leroux with the pick. Soooo glad that didn’t happen. Happy trails, Teemu!