MaltaAs regular Dog Blog readers have known for some months now, and the rest of Prairie Dog readers found out in our Dec. 26 issue (via this cover story), our city hall reporter Paul Dechene is currently in Malta with his family while his math prof wife is on sabbatical.

During his time away, Dechene has begged off doing much writing for Prairie Dog, claiming that he’s too busy keeping an eye on his two children and checking out all the sights and sounds of his new Mediterranean island home. Certainly, we were prepared to cut him some slack. I mean, how many times does an opportunity like this to travel with your family and soak up some island culture (and weather) come along?

Turns out, though, Dechene has been doing some writing after all. In fact, he had a feature article in the Leader-Post’s Travel section on Friday (see photo above, double click to enlarge). He probably thought he could trick us by publishing under the name “Lucy Hyslop”, but we’re too smart to fall for the old gender switcheroo pseudonym trick Paul.

You can read Dechene’s Prairie Dog story via the above link. And for comparison purposes, you can read his sorry-ass Postmedia story, in which he doesn’t once — not once! — bitch about Malta being overrun with cars and having crap transit service, here.